Get 15% off These Hilarious Wine and Spirits Shirts Today Only

With so many of us not trekking into the office, dress codes have changed. Gone are the days of stuffy get-ups, and in their place, we’ve welcomed the t-shirt as our new preferred uniform.

We prefer our shirts like we prefer most things: boozy with a splash of hilarity. That’s why our closet is filled with these cozy shirts that share our love for a good drink in a deep-belly-laugh kind of way.

Today, you can join us in this adventure, and get 15% off this entire drinks-inspired t-shirt collection. All you have to do is use the code DRINKINGSHIRT at checkout.

These are extra-soft (like that tee you’ve had since college), designy, cheeky shirts that remind those around you that you need a refill. They also are bound to strike up a conversation with your fellow lovers of the good stuff. Each shirt has plus-size options, and we can guarantee these will quickly become a new wardrobe staple. Here are a few of our favorites.

My Wine Drinking T-Shirt

Best This Is My Wine Drinking Shirt
The great thing about this shirt is that it kind of creates more situations to drink wine. If you know you’ll be enjoying a glass or two throughout the evening, you of course can wear it, but if you wear it on normal days, you’re likely to find yourself drinking wine more often than usual. The power of suggestion is strong, and so is the power of this tee.

Champagne Please T-Shirt

Best Champagne Please T-Shirt
Show off your Champagne tastes with this shirt, which politely requests some Champagne everywhere you go. It would maybe be a little tiresome to ask everyone you met for Champagne, and with this shirt, you don’t have to. Some will take it as a joke, but the real ones will pour you a glass of bubbly. We find ourselves making lots of new friends when we wear this!

Nice Hops T-Shirt

Best Nice Hops Shirt
If you’re a hophead who wants to wear that badge loud and proud, put this tee on and head out into the world. A new (and improved, we think) spin on the classic design, this lets everyone know that you know your Citra from your Centennial from your Cascade from your Chinook. And, even if you don’t, you’ll likely grab the attention of other beer lovers.

In Wine We Trust T-Shirt

Best In Wine We Trust T-Shirt
It’s hard to know what to count on in this world, but we always know we’ve got a friend in wine. Sport this “In Wine We Trust” shirt, which comes in teal, royal blue, royal blue, red, and raspberry. An inspirational reminder for troubled times!

Japanese Cheers T-Shirt

You may have noticed that the first “cheers!” of the night is a lot more festive than the third or fourth. Keep things fresh with our line of shirts with “cheers!” in other languages. This one, with the Japanese symbols (and pronunciation) for cheers, “kan-pi!” will help keep the party going for as long as you’re enjoying it.