Our Favorite Wine Glasses For Fall 2020

We’ll be honest, 2020 has not gone the way we planned. But, as the days grow chillier and the nights grow downright crisp, we can’t help but feel excited about fall, in all its cozy glory. Hasta la vista, summer, we’re ready for a new chapter.

The first step for ensuring a successful fall? Keep the wine game strong. First, we’re stocking up on our favorite bottles. Next, we’re reevaluating our wine glass situation. We’ve tested dozens of them, and these are the ones worth keeping around.

Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glass

Best Universal Wine Glasses
For everyday enjoyment, meet the set of Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glasses. Made in Germany from lead-free crystal, this all-purpose stemware is light, beautiful, durable, and dishwasher safe. Perfect for that after-work glass of wine, dinner parties, or really whatever drinking occasion you can dream up. Any wine, anytime.

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Italesse Universal Red Wine Glass

Best Universal Red Wine Glasses
Perhaps you’re the type that prefers a bold glass of red to unwind. We feel you. We love the Italesse Universal Red Wine Glass for Bordeaux, Barolo, a Napa Cab, or any other red out there. The dramatic wider bowl is eye-catching, yes, but also enhances the aroma of those luxurious bottles. Discovered on one of our trips to Italy, we’re obsessed with this glass and you will be too. One reviewer raves that they’re “the nicest stemware I have ever owned.” And, bonus, they’re dishwasher safe!

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Zalto Universal Wine Glass

Best Zalto Wine Glass
If it’s important for you to have the best of everything, look no further than the Zalto Universal Wine Glass. Praised by somms as the best wine glass in the world, these delicate Austrian beauties are so intricately designed and crafted that they’re not just dishwasher safe, they’re only suitable for the dishwasher, as you’re more likely to break them while handwashing. Make sure to casually drop that factoid with your friends as you’re sipping vintage Champagne or decades-old Burgundy. Whatever it is, it will be better from a Zalto.

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Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Universal Wine Glasses

Best Sturdy Wine Glasses
Perhaps you’re that friend who always breaks a wine glass. We’ve been there too. Stock up on these break-resistant Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Universal Wine Glasses, designed to stand up to even the clumsiest wine lover. The titanium lead-free crystal offers strength, beauty, clarity, and ultimate durability. Your friends will think you suddenly became graceful (and we won’t tell them otherwise).

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Cooler than Cool Glacier Wine Glass

Best Freeze Chill Wine Glass
For outdoor drinking, we love the Cooler than Cool Glacier Wine Glasses. We throw ‘em in our freezer so they’re ready when we are, then fill them up with whichever white, rosé, bubbly, or chilled red we’re enjoying. The proprietary gel inside the double-walled glass construction keeps things frosty for as long as the evening goes on.

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Iceberg Insulated Wine Tumbler

Best Double Walled Wine and Spirits Tumbler
If you’re a wine-while-adventuring type of drinker, bring along the Iceberg Insulated Wine Tumbler. We LOVE it. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated construction keeps things chilly (or hot, if you’re into that) for hours, plus the removable lid keeps things insulated and prevents spills. You’ll use these more than you think—buy at least one in each of the five fun colors and never look back.

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