This Is Every Sommelier’s Favorite Wine Glass

If you love wine, you might know there are a few ways to convey that you’re a wine expert without explicitly bragging. It’s the little things, like keeping cult-favorite grower Champagnes in your wine fridge, talking incessantly about Riesling, and finally, having a fleet of Zalto wine glasses.

There are few quicker ways to get a sommelier hot and bothered than to bring up Zalto glassware. They are the Maserati of glassware. Somms, winemakers, and wine journalists can spot them from a mile away, and for good reason. Each piece is mouth-blown in a tiny village in Austria, with the most precise and elegant construction you’ll ever experience. They are crystal clear, lighter than a feather, and mind-blowingly thin. Seriously, these are the most delicate, and prestigious wine glasses you will ever encounter.

Every Sommelier's Favorite Wine Glass
Each Zalto glass is mouth-blown in Austria.

Sommeliers don’t just love them for their rarity and handcrafted roots. The Zalto Universal Wine Glass is designed to maximize the aroma of anything you’re drinking, whether it’s Barolo, vintage Champagne, or simply a fun chillable red. And, though the glass is completely light and streamlined, they are dishwasher safe. In fact, you should always wash your Zalto glasses in the dishwasher to save them from incidental bumps and drops while washing in the sink!

Pick up that refined, willowy crystal stem and enjoy whatever’s in your glass. You’ll soon see that wine is better from a Zalto.

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