5 of Our Labor Day Picks For People Who Love Wine

You love wine, we love wine. We’ve tested dozens of wine accessories, from decanters to insulated glasses, and these are the absolute best, plus, they’re on sale for Labor Day! Nab them while you can, use code LABORDAY15 at checkout for 15 percent off your order, and thank us later.

Wine Breather Decanter

Best Wine Breather Decanter
As a wine lover, you likely already know that decanting a wine awakens it, bringing forward the aromatics and softening any harshness. But, the process can take a while and sometimes, you just want to get to the good stuff. That’s why we love the Wine Breather Decanter. Crafted from sleek lead-free crystal, this near-magical accessory decants and aerates wine in under 2 minutes, transforming it into the best version of itself. Serve the wine from the lovely carafe, if you’d like, or pour it back in the bottle. It holds 48 oz (a little under 2 bottles of wine) and will make your next wine night better than ever.

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Iceberg Insulated Wine Tumbler

Best Insulated Wine Tumbler
If you’re a white, bubbly, or rosé chilled red fan, you’ve probably had those nights where you’re sipping your wine long into the evening. It’s great. Until it’s not. After a while, you notice that it’s getting a little bit warm. But, there’s still more to drink. Blech.

That’s where the Iceberg Insulated Wine Tumbler comes in. Its double-walled, vacuum-insulated construction ensures that your drink is at the exact right temperature for as long as you’re enjoying it. There’s even a removable lid for insulation and to prevent spills. It holds 10oz and is perfect for outdoor drinking of any sort. And, it comes in five great colors, meaning there can be one for everyone in the family.

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Adjustable Wine Aerator

This is the best handheld wine aerator
Do you have a few hours to wait for your wine to properly decant? No? Simply grab your handy dandy Adjustable Wine Aerator. Set it for however long you wish you could have decanted the wine (up to six hours) and it will do the same work in mere minutes. Some similar gadgets have messy tubes or are hard to operate, but this features an integrated aeration intake system that takes all the fuss out of the process. Crafted with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, you’ll wonder how you managed without it for so long.

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Cooler than Cool Glacier Wine Glass

Best Freeze Chill Wine Glass
If you’re an outdoor wine drinker, listen up. Your picnics, barbecues, and long nights sipping away just got better. The Cooler than Cool Glacier Wine Glass, after spending two hours in your freezer, will keep your drink chilly for as long as you’re sipping or swilling. The proprietary gel blend and the silicone band (for insulation and a comfy gripping spot) will take care of the temperature, you just have to pick out something great to drink. Cheers to that!

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Filter Wine Pour Spout

Best Filter Wine Filter Pour Spout
Drinking old wine can be a transcendent experience. Opening it is occasionally less so. All too often, the cork breaks or crumbles and everyone disperses to find some sort of filtration device. What was a lovely evening just turned into a circus.

Nip those annoyances in the bud with the Filter Wine Pour Spout, which filters, pours, and preserves your wine. Just pop it into your bottle and serve through the pour spout. It also softens any out-of-balance tannin or harshness in the wine, so you may find yourself pouring just about everything you drink through it. It’s also dishwasher safe—just throw it in and it’ll be ready for next time.

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