Get 20% off These Wine Gadgets Today Only

While leftover wine isn’t a regular occurrence in our world, it has been known to happen a time or two. After trying other wine gadgets that just ended up being flimsy, frustrating, and ineffectual, we’ve finally found the best of the best.

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This discount applies to some of the best wine gadgets we’ve used, including these favorites.

Vacuum Pour Spout

Best Wine Saver Pour Spout
We love a good multi-tool, and this Vacuum Pour Spout is exceptional. Part pour spout, part wine stopper, part vacuum-sealed preserver, the Vacuum Pour Spout really does it all, especially for those special older bottles. Just insert the plug into your bottle and adjust it when you’d like to pour yourself a glass. Close it to protect your wine when you’re not pouring it, and then when you’re done for the evening, use the vacuum seal to save it for next time. It prevents drips when you’re pouring, works for just about every bottle of wine, and is frankly indispensable if you frequently enjoy a good bottle of something aged.

The Classic Wine Saver

Best Stainless Steel Wine Saver

The Classic Wine Saver gives you the freedom to open up that second (or third) bottle of wine as the night is getting good, without worrying that it’ll go to waste if the group doesn’t keep drinking at the same pace. It’s also incredibly easy to use—place the reusable rubber stopper into the bottle, then use the Wine Saver pump to extract air from the bottle. Just keep pumping until you hear a “click,” indicating that it’s reached optimal vacuum levels. At that point, the oxidation process will have been sufficiently slowed that the wine will stay good until you’re ready to dip back in.

The Wine Savant Gift Set

Best Wine Saver and Chiller Set
This gift set is just about the handiest collection of gear that any wine lover could want. It features:

The Active Wine Cooler in Black: Featuring a reusable, removable cooling element that, after being popped in the freezer for a few hours, can be used to instantly chill down your wine without ice and keep it cold. The sleek black holder acts as insulation and looks great on your table as you’re enjoying the wine.

Twist Corkscrew: Why bother with corkscrews that make life more difficult? We love the Twist Corkscrew, making it easy to crack a bottle of wine without superhuman strength or a degree in physics.

Classic Wine Saver in Black + Two Stoppers: Why waste good wine? With the classic wine saver and stopper, you create a vacuum inside your half-finished bottle, so it stays good until you’re ready to come back to it.

Wine Pour Spout (Set of 2): While young bottles of wine require oxygen to open up, old bottles that have been aged properly have been getting a tiny bit of oxygen exchange by way of the porous cork. That means that, by the time you’re ready to drink them, they actually need to be protected from excess oxygen so you can enjoy them at your own pace without them spoiling. That’s why we love the Wine Pour Spout—it protects your wine while making pouring a breeze.

For every wine drinker, there’s a wine gadget that will save the day. Each of these (and more!) are 20% off today, and trust us, you’ll use them more than you think.