These Gifts Turn Your Wine Corks and Beer Caps Into Stylish Keepsakes

In the inimitable words of Broad City, “Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna.” Why trash your corks and bottle caps when instead you could keep them as reminders of delightful evenings past? There’s no need to stuff them in a drawer or leave them in piles on your bar, though, put them to good use with these fun, practical kits.

US Country and State Beer Cap Maps

Looking for a fun and design-y use for your beer caps? Use them to make a map of the United States or your favorite state! The map is easily mounted on your wall, then you just pop the caps in from your most recently enjoyed beer. Each map is lightweight, handmade, and cut to fit most standard caps. A fun piece of décor for your bar, den, or office.

US Country and State Wine Cork Maps


And now, one for the wine lovers! Keep track of your favorite wines from across the country or state by popping the corks into these handmade, lightweight maps. They’re easily mountable and a great way to preserve your wine memories.

Wine Cork Trivet Kit

You know what works better than a hot pad and is more fun? Meet the Wine Cork Trivet Kit, from which you can create a unique and practical piece to protect your table from dishes fresh from the oven and stove. The kit includes a solid oak frame, mounting board, plus glue. From these simple supplies, let your imagination run wild—arrange the corks in any pattern you choose and prepare to have a very delightful new kitchen tool.

Wine Cork Board Keepsake Kit

Best DIY Wine Cork Board

If you have wine corks around anyway, there is absolutely no reason to buy a cork board. Instead, use the Wine Cork Board Keepsake Kit to craft your very own from the corks you already have. It’s perfect for family photos, reminders, motivational quotes, and whatever else might be useful to you and your household. The kit includes a solid oak frame, mounting board, and glue. From there, you simply choose which corks most deserve to be on display and arrange them in any pattern you choose. This also makes a very thoughtful gift!