Every Wine Lover Needs This Blind Tasting Card Game

Looking to hone your wine skills while having some fun? We’re obsessed with this blind tasting game for exactly that.

Whether you’re looking to become a sommelier or you just love wine and want to get to know it a bit better, you’ll eventually want to start blind tasting. It’s something that even the professionals need lots of practice on. It takes both sensory skills (like being able actually to recognize tasting notes) and some reasoning skills to narrow down the potential options based on what you see, taste, and smell.

Best Wine Blind Tasting Game

Here’s what you do. Grab the Somm Blinders Blind Tasting Game pack, which comes with the original cards, a deck just for whites, and a deck just for reds. Then, invite some wine-loving friends over for the evening. Everyone brings a varietal listed from the deck, wraps it in foil, and then everyone tries to match their cards to the wine that is being tasted.

You’ll gain points for correct answers, gather some new tasting vocabulary, improve your blind tasting, and maybe bring out your competitive side. It’s a great way to build your wine skills while enjoying an evening with friends. Throw out those tired party games, and with this set of cards, your game night will never be the same!