Why Every Whiskey Lover Needs Whiskey Stones

If there’s anything we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that we all deserve a great drink of exactly what we love at the end of a long day. If, for you, the ideal post-work drink is a cold glass of whiskey, look no further.

As we all know, whiskey dilution can be a tricky business. Contrary to popular opinion, there’s nothing wrong with adding some ice or water if you want to bring out some texture and flavor from that gorgeous dram. The potential trouble, however, is if the ice starts to dilute the whisky more than you wanted and you’re left with a glass of what used to be whiskey and is now an extra hydrating, uh, glass of something else.

That’s why we love whiskey stones. They keep our glasses perfectly chilly while allowing us to tune in the dilution rate to our exact specifications.

After testing and retesting many a whiskey stone, here are our absolute favorites.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes (Set of 4)

Best Frozen Whiskey Cube Stones
This set of four Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes is so sleek and modern-looking. Just pop them in the freezer and add them to your drink when you’re ready. It looks like ice, but with no unwanted dilution.

Soapstone Whiskey Spheres

Looking for something that makes more of a statement? The Soapstone Whiskey Spheres looks dramatic and makes any dram feel extra-special. Plus, the soapstone construction is naturally chilly. After only four hours in the freezer, it’ll keep your glass cold all night long.

Skull Whisky Stones (Set Of 2)

Do you like to live life on the bolder side? Whether you’re more into the rockstar scene or just an existentialist at heart, the Skull Whisky Stones will be just the thing. Keep them in your freezer (or just pop them in four hours before you’d like to enjoy a cool glass of Scotch, Bourbon, or Rye) and be ready for a killer glass at the end of the evening that’s nice and cold.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Sphere

Best Stainless Steel Whiskey Sphere
This gorgeous sphere even comes with its own storage pouch. If you like the look of a big rock of ice but want more control over the dilution, the Stainless Steel Whiskey Sphere is for you.