This Barrel Aged Spirits Kit Is The Ultimate Whiskey-Lover Stocking Stuffer

What do you get the whiskey lover who has it all? Whiskey is out of the question (they already have too many bottles as it is), and they probably already have enough glassware to last them a lifetime (if not we have that covered). You need a gift that puts the fun in functional, and is a project they’ll love to take on and explore.

Meet the Barrel Aged Spirits Kit. This stocking stuffer is the perfect DIY project for whiskey aficionados. Each kit contains two honeycombed, charred-oak barrel staves that allow you to rapidly age your spirit-of-choice right in the bottle.

The honeycomb design of each stave ensures maximum surface area contact with your spirit of choice. All you have to do is let the staves steep in your preferred spirit.

The VinePair team has tried it with blanco tequila, white rum, and moonshine to create our own custom reposados, dark rums, and aged whiskeys. For those who prefer stronger oak notes, you can drop them in your favorite bourbon to kick it up a notch. We’ve also used the staves to give a kiss of oak to big batches of Manhattans or Negronis.

Final pro-tip? Pair this kit with a bottle of white lightning or tequila, and you’ve got a real gift to remember.

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