5 of Our Labor Day Picks For People Who Love Whiskey

We love a good Labor Day sale almost as much as we love a dram of the good stuff. If your bar is ever-stocked with bourbon, rye, or Scotch, check out these essential accessories for continued whiskey success. Get them while you can, use code LABORDAY15 at checkout, and thank us later.

Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glass

Bourbon drinkers, this one is for you. If you love the layered aromatics of vanilla, brown butter, and baking spice, why not buy a glass that accentuates them? The Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glass was designed to push those aromas towards your nose, ensuring that you get the most of your bourbon, whether it’s your everyday favorite or that fancy bottle that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. We tested these next to a traditional rocks glass and our minds were BLOWN.

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Drink Rocks Geometric Shapes

Best Whiskey Chill Rocks
Booze rookies think drinking whisky straight is impressive. The pros know that a little bit of water goes a long way in opening up flavor. In fact, real whisky lovers are more impressed by knowing the perfect amount of dilution.

Control your own dilution while making a statement with these striking Geometric Drink Rocks. Keep a few in your freezer so they’re properly frosty, then pop them into your glass when you’re ready for a cold glass of your favorite spirit. Add a few drops of water, and prepare for a sublime drinking experience. The hand-finished marble and soapstone shapes make a stylish addition to your bar when you’re not using them.

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Cooler than Cool Chilled Smoked Whiskey Glass

Best Chilled Whiskey Glass
If there’s anything worse than warm whiskey, it’s an overly diluted dram. Ensure chilled, perfectly diluted whiskey that you can enjoy at your own pace with this set of Cooler than Cool Chilled Smoked Whiskey Glasses. Just pop them in the freezer so they’re ready whenever you are. After just two hours of freezer time, the proprietary gel inside the BPA-free plastic glass will keep your beverage properly frosty for as long as you’re enjoying it. The silicone band acts as insulation and a comfy spot for holding. Now you can enjoy your favorite whiskey at its ideal temperature without worrying about it warming up or watering down.

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The Houses of Bourbon Poster

If your spirit of choice is bourbon, your home should reflect that even beyond your bar. The Houses of Bourbon poster, printed at dazzling Giclée quality, is the perfect décor for the long-time whiskey lover. Not only does it break down the who’s who of bourbon in an easy-to-understand way, but it’s also just a great piece for your wall—a stunning matte poster on museum-quality paper.

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Etched Glass Globe Whisky Decanter and Glasses Set

Best Globe Decanter Set
Whereas wine decanters play an important role in the flavor and textural experience of wine, spirits decanters are mostly for aesthetics. That’s why it’s important to find one that makes a statement, like this Etched Glass Globe Whisky Decanter and the glasses that come with it. The lead-free borosilicate glass of both the decanter and the glasses is etched with a map of the globe, and the decanter, which holds a little over a bottle of whisky, comes with a stand and spins as a globe would. Just remove it from its stand when you’re ready to pour and whatever you’re enjoying will feel even more remarkable.

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