The Best Whiskey Gifts For Father’s Day

On Dad’s day (and every day), Dad deserves the best. If Dad loves whiskey, here’s everything he needs, minus the whiskey itself, to have the perfect Father’s Day.

The Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses

Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses
If Dad is a whiskey-drinking history buff, this set of glasses will be just the thing. Made in partnership with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, each glass represents a founding father. Hero = George Washington, Philosopher = Benjamin Franklin, Diplomat = John Adam, Rebel = Thomas Jefferson. Each glass was made and sand-etched in the United States and, in true American fashion, is dishwasher safe. Each glass holds 14 oz—the perfect size for a negroni or old fashioned.

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Geometric Drinks Rocks

Dad, as a seasoned whiskey drinker, likely already knows that you’ve got to be careful with your ice ratio. Too much and it can over dilute your drink, turning a great single-malt into something watery and spineless. But, a bit of water is scientifically proven to improve a lovely dram.

Let Dad control his own dilution with this set of Geometric Drinks Rocks, hewn from marble and soapstone. Each is finished by hand and fits easily into a standard rocks or Old Fashioned glass. With these, you chill down your whiskey and then add as little or as much water as it takes to make your perfect sipping ratio. When these aren’t making Dad’s drink look modern and elegant, they’ll do the same for his bar.

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Glacier Whiskey Glass

Best Freeze Whiskey Glass
Another eye-catching way to keep Dad’s whiskey cool: this Glacier Whiskey Glass. Dad can throw it in the freezer to activate the built-in cooling gel, then pull it out whenever he needs a cold glass of whiskey. Holding six ounces, this clear double-walled glass keeps things chilly while looking suave.

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Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glasses

Best Scotch Whisky Tasting Glass
If Dad delights in sensory analysis, consulting his whiskey flavor wheel and agonizing over whether the color is pale gold or yellow gold, get him this set of Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glasses, designed by Scotch pros to enhance the drinking experience of any single-malt imbiber.
This lead-free, dishwasher safe set starts out with a solid base—tall enough so Dad’s not warming up his drink with the heat of his hands but stout enough that it’s a proper dram. The tapered mouth keeps sipping simple—not something you find in a typical nosing glass—while keeping the bouquet prominent. The wide bowl keeps the color the star of the visual show. Dad’s nightly Scotch has never looked or tasted better.

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Etched Globe Whisky Decanter and Glasses

Best Globe Decanter Set
You could get Dad a globe for his office (classy), but here’s one better—an Etched Globe Whisky Decanter and matching Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses (classy AND practical). What looks like a spinning globe is actually a spinning, removable spirits decanter, complete with a protective cork stopper. The unique design of the etched glass, crafted from lead-free borosilicate glass, is eye-catching and a great way for Dad to see the world in the comfort of his own home.

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