Don’t Pour Vintage Wine Without A Slow Wine Pourer

There’s a lot of romance around drinking aged wine and for good reason. It’s a one-of-a-kind time capsule, a feat of art and science, an experience that most of us don’t get all that often.

But, there are a few things to know as you’re approaching a special old bottle for the evening.

First and foremost, unlike younger bottles that benefit from a bit (or a lot) of oxygen at the beginning to open them up, older bottles are the opposite. Corks allow a tiny bit of oxygen in as the wine is aging, meaning the wine has already had some airflow for the past few decades to keep the aging process moving along at the right pace. What it needs now is protection from the elements, so it doesn’t oxidize before you’ve had the chance to enjoy it.

For those occasions, make sure to have the Slow Wine Pourer around. Its user-friendly, lever design makes it easy to pour the perfect glass without allowing too much oxygen inside the bottle. Rather than trying to fit the cork back in between pours (you ever tried to finagle an old cork? It’s not easy) or shielding it some other way, this gadget makes delicately pouring a glass of old vino fool-proof.

Best Way To Serve Aged Vintage Wine Slow Wine Pourer
The Slow Wine Pourer is the best way to serve vintage, older wines that need extra protection from oxidization.

The secret is in the design. The stainless steel tube reaches deep into the bottle, which helps gently regulate the airflow, completely eliminating any of those “glug, glug” pours. By keeping the transparent tube at the bottom of the glass as you pour the wine, it prevents extra sloshing or splashing, minimizing oxidation.

Opening an old bottle of wine is special, so it’s always worth the effort to ensure you can experience it at its peak. That’s why we always keep a Slow Wine Pourer handy so the only thing to worry about is what exactly you want to pair with said bottle of old, magnificent wine.