We’re all familiar with the standard English pint glass. While the English pint works just fine, some craft beers require a particular type of glass to maximize their flavors and aromas. Belgian tripels thrive in tulip glasses and weizen glasses showcase a hefeweizen’s thick head.

While there are particular types of glasses for the plethora of beer styles out there, few of us have the cabinet space. That’s why it’s helpful to have a glass that’s equipped for any style of beer. The universal beer glass is perfect for accentuating the flavors and aromas of any craft beer.

The Best Universal Glass For Craft Beer

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The ultimate crystal craft beer glasses are the perfect hybrid suitable for anything from a pilsner to a saison. The unique shape allows you to appreciate the colors, aromas, and flavors of your favorite craft beer. Each glass comfortably holds up to a pint and is sure to capitalize on the piney notes of the Mosaic hop or the malty sweetness of an amber ale.

So no matter what style of beer your guests bring to the party, you’ll be equipped.