Drinks Essentials For People Who Love Tequila

There are people who like tequila and there are people who love tequila. If you find yourself in the category of tequila-obsessed, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered all of the gear you need if you love agave spirits.


Best Crystal Margarita Glasses (Set of 2)
It’s hard to explain, but margaritas are just better when they come from a margarita glass. It’s one of the immutable laws of the universe. The Classic Crystal Margarita Glass set, designed by one of our favorite glassmakers, feels light in your hands but is very sturdy, even after your third marg. Throw some salt on the rim and knock a few back. If you have a blender and some fruit in your freezer, you could even go the frozen margarita route.
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Best Tequila and Mezcal Decanter
The Agave Spirits Glass Decanter is gorgeous and practical. You could store your top-of-the-line mezcal in there, you could use it for the cheap bottle of tequila that’s been your favorite since college but is embarrassing to have on your bar. Either way, it looks impressive when it’s in the decanter! The stopper doubles as a reamer, making it even easier to juice fresh citrus for your at-home agave cocktails.
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Best Crystal Mezcal Tasting Glasses
Mezcal is more than tequila’s smoky relative. Mezcal lovers know that it’s most traditionally and deliciously sipped out of a copita. These Crystal Mezcal Tasting Glasses are a modern take on the copita that beautifully matches the rest of your barware. Their wide bowl easily accommodates a bit of ice if you’re an “on the rocks” kind of sipper and the footed stem completes the sleek silhouette.
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Best Tequila Cactus Tumblers (Set of 2)
For less traditional but completely beautiful glassware for your agave spirit, we dig the Crystal Cactus Tumbler. The design of these dishwasher safe glasses makes them easily illuminated by the light, meaning whatever you’re drinking is always in the spotlight. A spirit that’s worthy of being sipped deserves some time to shine!
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Best Tequila Embroidered Hat
The cherry on top (or maybe the lime on top, given the day) will be this ¡Tequila! Baseball Hat. Coming in five great colors, it gets the night started on the right note and hides the fact that you’re not cutting or styling your hair quite as often while quarantined. It’ll be our secret.
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