Best Glasses For People Who Always Break Wine Glasses

The best long evenings with wine and friends often result in a broken glass or two. Sure, a few fallen glasses aren’t something to lose sleep over, but once your cabinet starts getting a little bare, it’s time to restock. If you’re the one who all too often is doing the breaking (whoops), history is bound to repeat itself and you’ll want to invest in a sturdy set of break-resistant titanium lead-free crystal glasses.

Best Sturdy Universal Wine Glass

Made in Germany, the set of eight Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Universal Wine Glasses are incandescent and extremely strong. These glasses are made with a proprietary blend of materials to create the pristine lead-free crystal construction. But most importantly, the stemware is crafted with strategic tempering techniques at points you’re more likely to break the glass, making them the perfect vessel from which to enjoy rosé, white wines, reds, and anything else you’ve got. They’re dishwasher safe, elegant, and totally durable.

The best part: no one will be able to tell they’re anything aside from gorgeous new wine glasses—they’ll just think you became very graceful all of a sudden! It’ll be our secret.

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