The Best Stout Beer Glasses You’ll Ever Use

You wouldn’t serve a $200 bottle of Champagne in an Ikea flute. Or maybe you would—you do you. But over here we’re firm believers in finding our beverage’s perfect match. And that goes for beer just as much as wine. Pale ales love a pint, pilsners hook up with tall and skinny glassware, Belgian ales dig tulips.

For awhile there, stouts didn’t have a glass to truly call their own. But this big, chocolatey, hug of a beer has finally found love at first sip thanks to the legendary Bavarian glass producers Spiegelau. They teamed up with top USA stout producers Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales to create stout’s forever boo.

Spiegelau Stout Beer Glass

This specially designed Stout Beer Glass features a hollow stem, which enhances the foam and drives those nutty, sweet aromatics up. The conical bowl amps up the mid-palate flavor, which is where all the good stuff lies with stouts. In other words, she brings out the best in brew unlike any other glass.

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