Why You Should Own Stemless Wine Glasses

It’s happened more times than you care to admit, but knocking over a wine glass is a pain. There’s the broken glass, the cleanup, and the embarrassment. Don’t blame yourself; blame physics and gravity. Unless you’ve been holding the stem of the glass like an observant oenophile, the stem is more of a liability than an asset. Stemless wine glasses greatly reduce the chances of spilling wine or breaking the glass and come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Cheers Stemless Wine Glass With Gold Rim

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Our gold-rimmed stemless glasses are chic and fun. And the golden embossed “Cheers” make these glasses ideal for a wine night in.

Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses With Gold Exterior Finish

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If you’re looking to peacock a little bit, opt for our gold-coated stemless glasses. They’re stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about breaking them, and the gold definitely makes a statement.

Vintage Inspired Stemless Wine Glasses With Pink Gradient Design

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The stemless wine glasses only get funkier, and our pink-colored, gold-rimmed glasses are pretty groovy. Lava Lamp not included.

Rainbow Shimmer Stemless Wine Glass

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Sparkling wine always glistens in a glass, but never quite like this. This stemless wine glass turns your vino into a work of art through its subtle, shimmery design letting you swirl your Prosecco in style.

Stemless Rose Crystal Wine Glasses With Gold Rim

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Life just seems a bit easier when sipping through rose-colored glasses. These slim-profile, rose-tinted stemless wine glasses are a beautiful addition to your next brunch get-together.