These Are The Best Glasses For Spritz Cocktails

No matter how you take your spritz, this classic aperitif knows no seasons. While we love an Aperol Spritz in the summer, we’re not above breaking out a darker, spicier amari for a winter riff.

And since we’re not really hopping on a plane to Lake Como any time soon, we’re doing whatever we can to bring the magic of the spritz to our own homes.

These are the best glasses for all spritz cocktails.
Take your Aperol Spritz to the next level with these crystal spritz glasses.

What’s a fool-proof way to upgrade your spritz and bring a little dolce vita magic to your kitchen? We recommend keeping these gorgeous, lead-free Crystal Spritz Glasses around for whenever the mood strikes.

There are a few things that make these special. The bowl of these spritz glasses is wide enough to accommodate a hefty scoop of ice and slices of fresh citrus, springs of fresh herbs, all of that good stuff. Plus, the stem is long and elegant, helping keep your hands from warming up your cocktail (while also making it look great for your Instagram).

So no matter what spirit and garnishes you prefer in your spritz, with these crystal spritz glasses, you’ll be living your best life. Just make sure you have enough Prosecco on hand.