The Best Spirit Decanters Right Now (2020)

By the time you start buying the good stuff for yourself, from Japanese whisky to single-malt Scotch to layered Rhum Agricole, you probably also have realized that a spirits decanter is the best way to show off the world-class spirits you’re stocking your bar with. It’s a low-key way to say “Yes, I do have very good taste in both spirits and design, thank you for noticing” and to ensure you’re living your best life.

Here are the best spirits decanters of 2020 for making your bar looking cooler than ever.

The Speakeasy Whiskey Decanter

Best Speakeasy Whiskey Decanter
For the classicist, this timeless whisky decanter will be just the thing to serve as a vessel for your cherished Laphroaig or Macallan. This Speakeasy Decanter’s art deco inspired etching and pristine glass clarity will make your favorite bourbon or Scotch glisten. It looks great on your bar and you’ll love it for years to come.

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Agave Spirits Glass Decanter

Best Tequila and Mezcal Decanter
Maybe you’re more of a tequila or mezcal person. Perhaps you’ve even gotten into some sotol or raicilla.

Or, maybe your love language is Margaritas and tequila is simply a means to a (delightful) end.

As long as you’re stocking tequila or any other agave spirit on your bar, you should invest in this stunning glass Agave Decanter. Not only does the cross-hatched, premium cut glass make a statement, but the heavyweight stopper also doubles as a citrus reamer for when it’s Margarita time. The bottle holds 32 ounces and will catch the eye of anyone nearby.

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Vintage Inspired Crystal Spirits Decanter

Vintage Spirits Decanter
If you’re the person who haunts estate sales and antique shops, this decanter is for you. There’s no quicker way to feel like you’re drinking with Humphrey Bogart or Lauren Bacall than to pour some whiskey from this timeless, glistening bottle. It will hold a full 750mL bottle of whatever you love drinking most.

And, while we do love a good vintage piece, the updated version is much better in this case than the versions you’d find at estate sales because this decanter is made with lead-free crystal. You’ll be stylish and safe from contamination (a very good combination).

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Geometric Crystal Spirits Decanter

Best Geometric Whiskey Spirits Decanter
This geometric decanter features a triangular base that can rest just as sturdily on its side as it can sit upright. It’s dramatic, it’s well-crafted, it’s exactly the piece you need to complete your bar.

The 20 triangular sides catch the light just right, creating the perfect spotlight for your spirits, and the heavy jewel-inspired stopper seals the contents tightly. It’s made with lead-free crystal and will show off your liquor like no other.

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Etched Glass Globe Whisky Decanter and Glasses Set

Best Globe Decanter Set
Are you (or are you shopping for) a classy world traveler? Someone with many leatherbound books and a humidor full of Cubans?

Whether or not that actually describes you or just the vibe you’re going for, you’ll love this unique, elegant decanter set. This lead-free borosilicate glass set is etched with a map of the globe, perfect for a library or even just a work from home corner.

The decanter, which can hold up to 850 mL, spins in the style of a globe and can be removed from its stand for pouring your Suntory or Bruichladdich. Even if what’s in the decanter isn’t the premium stuff, you’ll feel like you’re drinking the best when you’re drinking from the globe decanter and glasses set.

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Glass Skull Decanter

Best Skull Decanter
When pouring a dram out of this glass skull decanter, it’s really hard not to feel a little Shakespearean. A must-have for those looking to add a little flair or drama to their home bar.

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