These Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses Are The Authentic Way To Drink A G&T

While we may know the Gin & Tonic as the classic dive-bar well cocktail, outside of the U.S., the gin and tonic is an art. This classic cocktail is a canvas for the world’s best bartenders to showcase their creativity and ability to create a balanced, compelling drink.

When crafting one of these superior Gin & Tonics, the details are critical. You build your cocktail by keeping the gin’s profile in mind, as no two gins express themselves in the same way. Once you’ve got your gin, you have to grab all of the garnishes to bring it to life, and no, we’re not talking about a sad lime wedge you salvaged from your fridge. We’re talking peppercorns, edible flowers, fresh fruit, the list is endless. Finally finished with your favorite tonic, this cocktail is exceptionally aromatic and complex, so it’s vital to use the right glass.

Best Spiegelau Gin & Tonic Glass

While you most likely receive a G&T in a highball or a collins glass, that’s not going to do you any favors when enjoying a real G&T. Doing so can limit the aromatics of the cocktail and leaves your hands warming up the drink. When traveling abroad, you’ll more often find the cocktail served in more bulbous glasses. When making gin and tonics at home, it’s imperative to reach for glasses that let the drink shine.

Made from lead-free crystal, these Spiegelau Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses are specifically designed to enhance your cocktail’s aroma. The wide bowl concentrates aromas to the wide mouth opening, bringing those delicate and nuanced notes of your preferred gin to the forefront. They can handle a generous scoop of ice, and because of the stem, your hands won’t warm the glass as you enjoy your cocktail. When the glasses are finally empty, cleanup is easy, because these glasses are certified dishwasher safe.

Trust us, you’ll never use a highball again.

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