The Shot Glasses You Need To Get Through Winter

Winter is hard. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s long. It’s easy to get in a rut, which is why we make sure to make time for fun, games, and shots. Here are the shot glasses that are going to get us through the winter and that we’d recommend to you as well.

Cooler than Cool Glacier Shot Glass

Warm shots are for college kids. We like our whisky, vodka, and tequila with a bit of a chill for smoother enjoyment. And, yes, you could keep your bottle in the freezer, but we’ve found a better way. Enter the Cooler than Cool Glacier Shot Glass. Like the rest of our Glacier collection, it’s crafted from glass and holds proprietary cooling gel inside its walls. After only two hours in the freezer, this small but formidable glass will keep its liquid contents properly frosty. Just pour 3 oz of your favorite spirits inside and start throwing it back!

Faceted Crystal Shot Glasses

Best Heavyweight Shot Glasses

We like to feel fancy when we take our shots, even if what we’re shooting isn’t all that fancy. Meet the Faceted Crystal Shot Glasses, a heavyweight set that looks elegant on your bar in between uses. The elegant lead-free crystal is dishwasher safe, and the large base and polished contoured rim lend a refinement to these glasses that you certainly don’t find in every shot glass. Pour in 2 oz of whatever you feel like shooting and notice how great it feels to take shots from grownup-looking shot glasses.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

Best Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses for Tequila

If you’re the one who always asks for salt on the rim of your tequila shot, listen up. The Himalayan Salt Shot Glass, mined in the “Salt Range” of the northern Himalayan foothills, is perfect for a hint of salinity in your tequila or mezcal shot. The pink hue of the salt is highly instagrammable, and will add a little something extra to your favorite booze. Perfect for the spirits lover who has it all!