We Only Take Shots Out Of These Glasses

Virtual happy hours and cocktail demonstrations are delightful ways to cope with the uncertainness of these times. They keep us connected and engaged in the world and our communities, two beautiful things about enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

But sometimes, you just need a shot. Maybe it’s with friends over FaceTime, maybe it’s for a drinking game with roommates, maybe it’s solo in your pjs after a long day of receiving unnecessary “reply all” emails. Whatever it is, you’ve earned it.

In an ideal world, maybe we’d only drink spirits neat or in posh cocktails while wearing tailored trousers. But, life is complicated—as a rule, really, but especially amidst a global pandemic—and sometimes a shot is in order.

Best Heavyweight Shot Glasses

When we go for a shot, we exclusively turn to the two-ounce Faceted Crystal Shot Glasses. The angular design of the lead-free crystal keeps things classy even while knocking one back. The large base and polished curving rim make the glasses elegant barware but also more comfortable for the shot-taker. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe.

When it becomes clear that it’s time for a shot, your Faceted Crystal Shot Glasses will be elegant, even if what you’re shooting is decidedly not.

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