These Shot Glasses Will Salt Your Tequila Shot

It’s true that when sipping tequila, adding salt and lime to the equation isn’t really the move, as it completely masks the flavors of the spirit in your glass. However when enjoying a shot of tequila, that rule kind of flies out the window. The ceremonial salt and lime chaser are part of the experience and a must for any celebratory occasion.

While ordering a tequila shot without salt may give off more of a badass vibe, we don’t care—we’re pro-salt all the way. But licking your hand and sprinkling salt is kind of gross and salting the rim of the shot glass every time is a little excessive. That’s why we love this unique Himalayan Salt Shot Glass set. They look reminiscent of that set of rose-quartz crystals that you bought for spiritual healing but are WAY more fun. Because shots are always more fun.

Best Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses for Tequila

The salt in these shot glasses is true Himalayan pink salt, mined from the northern Himalayan foothills, and will add a tinge of briny complexity to whichever tequila or mezcal you happen to be shooting. The longer you leave the tequila sitting in the shot glass, the saltier it will get, so it’s totally customizable to your taste. Chase with a slice of lime or don’t, it’s your shot!

These lovely glasses will give your bar some serious “I’m into self-care” vibes, plus they give your shot an extra dash of flavor. Each comes in a unique shade of pink, so no two glasses will be the same, and will add some tasty personality to your next tequila shot. And because salt is naturally anti-bacterial, simply rinse, wipe dry, and store in a dry place for the next time you’re ready to party. If you ask us, it’s worth a shot.

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