This Is The Best Way To Enjoy Sake

Gone are the days when sake was synonymous with “a warm, nondescript alcoholic beverage that we enjoy with Friday night sushi.” Sake has four times less acidity, no tannin, and more amino acids, making it an easy pairing with just about any savory meal. We in the Western world are cluing in to the elegance and flexibility of this historic beverage and, in stark contrast to what you’d find at your local sushi joint, serious sake drinkers choose to drink their sake slightly chilled, much like a fine white Burgundy.

Enter the Faceted Crystal Sake Set, made with lead-free crystal. One carafe, two glasses, one elevated sake drinking experience.

Best Crystal Sake Set

Inspired by traditional vessels but crafted with timeless elegance, this three-piece set allows you to study your sake and take in the colors, from a golden Koshu to clear Muroka. Much like a stemmed wine glass, the tapered bottom of these glasses allows you to hold, study, and enjoy the aromas of your sake without your hands warming up the liquid.

From a simple weeknight bottle to your hard-to-find expensive treasures, this set takes your sake drinking experience to the next level. Even a Seamless sushi order will feel like a night out on the town when you’re using the Faceted Crystal Sake Set.

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