The Best Picnic Ready Bar Tools and How to Use Them

Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip or biking a few blocks to the park, there’s no reason why you can’t have your perfect cocktail — and drink it too.

This year, outdoor hangs are more important than ever and endlessly customizable. Forget the beer and wine-centric barbecues of summers past, because this year is all about mixing up cocktails outside. So get ready to give your pod what they really want and check out these quick hacks for mixing up easy, breezy outdoor cocktails on the go.

We’ll leave the spirits to you — although we’ve got plenty of helpful recommendations — so all you’ll need are the right bar tools and recipes to get cocktail-ready. These recipes can be as simple as your favorite gin highball, or an excuse to try out a new riff on the classic daiquiri, but they’ll only improve when crafted with the right tools.

Blue & White Enamel Cocktail Shaker & Jigger

This set is by far our favorite bar set for campground cocktails. Not only is it more shatterproof than a traditional glass set, but it’s also much easier to store when you’re on the go, so you can easily throw it right into your cooler or knapsack. The shaker is the perfect size for mixing up multiple cocktails, so you’ll be able to chill your favorite spirits in a flash or fuse all your ingredients in a few quick “shakes.”

Moreover, the design emulates classic outdoor cookware so it’s sure to impress your friends from near, or afar. And even if you can’t quite make it out to Yellowstone, it’ll serve you well at any tailgate, park, or backyard hang you happen in on.

Leather Cocktail Shaker

Best Leather Cocktail Shaker
There is nothing more rustic than this leather cocktail shaker. If you’ve already convinced your friends or family to make the trek out to the great outdoors, all you’ll need to guarantee a perfect camping trip are your favorite cocktail ingredients, this cocktail shaker, and maybe a bag of marshmallows.

Wrapped in genuine leather, this shaker is a natural choice for outdoor drinking, and its stainless steel interior makes it a reliable investment for any imbiber. Built with a removable top that features a strainer and citrus reamer, it’s the perfect all-in-one tool for your next park hang or camping trip.

Unicorn Barware Set

If you’re not sold on outdoor cookware, or committed to picking up a Frappuccino on your way to the park, then this may be your next favorite bar set. Made with rainbow-plated stainless steel, this bar set has all the tools you’ll need to mix your favorite drinks in style.

The set comes with a shaker, jigger, strainer, and bar spoon (which features an awesome muddling tool on one end) so you’ll be able to mix anything from a Mojito to a Mai Tai in seconds. It’s super easy to throw this set in your knapsack and forget about it, but when it comes time to break it out, you’ll be sure to thrill.

Cooler than Cool Chilled, Smoked, Spirits Glasses

Best Chill Whiskey Glass
When you’re dead set on hosting the rustic campfire, or bourbon-centric outdoor hang of your dreams, you have to have these glasses. When frozen, the proprietary gel inside the glass will keep your drink cold no matter what, andt the BPA-free plastic makes them a foolproof choice for safe, outdoor drinking.

Best of all, while they’re designed for whiskey specifically, they can hold nine ounces comfortably, so you can serve any cocktail or spirit in them seamlessly. Then pop them in the freezer when you have the chance to drink at home, and check out the wonderful world of cold — undiluted — bourbon.