Every Cocktail Lover Needs This Poster

If there’s one thing we can admit after the past six months, we’ve become a lot better at home bartending. With the bar and restaurant scene not operating business-as-usual, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and started bringing the bars to our couches and kitchens. It started with spirits on the rocks but has since grown into infusing simple syrups, fat-washing, and many Martini riffs.

Maybe you’ve batched a Negroni, or maybe you’ve even perfected your gin and tonic ratio, but that’s only the beginning. There’s still so much more to learn about cocktails. To put it simply, Cocktails 101 is now in session, and we’ve got your trusted study guide.

Best Periodic Table of Cocktails Poster

This Periodic Table of Cocktails poster breaks down the essential info of the world’s classic tipples. The methodology behind it is exceptionally efficient, sorting drinks by base spirit, serve, and glassware. This way, you can see the connections behind the classics. Once you’ve got the hang of the recipes behind the drinks on the table, you’ll be ready for the endless riffs and experiments that follow. The sky is the limit, and the Periodic Table of Cocktails is your home base.

We also have to admit the print is a super sleek addition to your home bar setup. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, it’s the perfect reference material for when you aren’t sure what kind of cocktail you’re in the mood for. Maybe you’re interested in a whiskey drink, or maybe you’re looking to break out the blender for something frozen — simply close your eyes, point a finger at the poster, and you’ve got your “bartender’s choice” for the evening. It’s printed on matte, museum-quality poster paper and makes a fantastic gift for both novice and expert bartenders looking to make a statement.

Now it just begs the question, which cocktail are you going to make first?

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