The Best Wine & Beer Glasses For Outdoor Entertaining

You could let your friends take your lovely grown up glassware outside at your next BBQ. But if your friends are anything like ours, the patio will turn into a graveyard of shattered glass and red wine stains. Thankfully there’s an alternative. And it doesn’t involve plastic cups.

These are our top picks for al fresco beer and wine glasses.

Stainless Steel Beer Stein

Stainless Steel Beer Stein

Nearly indestructible but oh-so-much-chicer than plastic, this modern take on a beer stein keeps beverages at their maximum frostiness.
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Cooler Than Cool Chilled Wine Glass Set

Nobody likes a lukewarm Sancerre in the searing summer heat. That’s why we keep a set of these bad boys in our freezer at all times. The special designed internal gel keeps wine chilled for an entire party and the silicone band insulates the wine and makes it easier to hold. Also they’re made from BPA-free plastic because we’re not animals.
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Cooler Than Cool Chilled Pint Glass

Cooler than Cool Pint Glass

Using the same proprietary gel as the Cooler Than Cool Wine Glasses, these pints keep your brews cold. Because the only thing worse than warm rosé is warm IPA.
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Recycled Wine Bottle Tumblers

These recycled glass wine bottle tumblers are an ultimate conversation piece and are extremely sturdy.

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