These Are The Best Flasks For Socially Distanced Outdoor Drinking

We all know that social distancing is crucial these days for public health. As you’re social distancing, though, why not have a little fun? Here are the essential flasks for socially distanced outdoor drinking—your time in the park, beach, or backyard just got a major upgrade.

Pewter Finished Filigree Flask

With its Victorian-era design, the Pewter Finished Filigree Flask is BYOBooze at its most refined. The intricate stamped hand-illustrated design keeps it upscale as you pour from your 3oz stash of whatever you happen to be drinking.
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Poppy Flask

If you’re committed to that summer flask life, this whimsical Poppy Flask holds 6 oz or your favorite beverage (enough for all-day drinking or even to share if you feel so inclined). The leak-resistant lid ensures all that precious liquid stays inside your flask or your mouth—nowhere in between.
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Survival Book Hidden Flask

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The Survival Book Hidden Flask is less practical for stashing in a purse or pocket, but it does make a statement and that statement is “I’m a literate adult who likes to have a good time.” The sleek stainless steel flask set inside the pages holds 5 oz.
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Brass Finished Filigree Flask

Just like the pewter-finished flask, this version brings more Victorian-era elegance. With this Brass Finished Filigree Flask, which also holds 3 oz, you’ll be sure to make your afternoon less “casual day at the park” and more “refined moment in the garden, in the glow of twilight.”
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Frida Flask

We love this eye-catching Frida Kahlo inspired painted flask for its vibrant, powdered coated paint design. It’s a conversation starter, but also a great way to carry 5 oz of your favorite booze around!
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