These Are The Best Glasses For Negronis

It’s hard to beat a good Negroni. It’s a seamless transition into happy hour. It’s easy to make at home and packs a punch without being overbearing. Its scarlet hue is cheerful and approachable, but with an edge. It is to us what the Cosmo was to Carrie Bradshaw, the Old Fashioned was to Don Draper, and the Martini (well, technically the vesper) was to James Bond. It is the drink.

Best Negroni Cocktail Glasses

Consequently, your Negroni deserves the right glass. We’ve searched far and wide and think these dishwasher-safe crystal tumblers are just about perfect. You could also use them for your best sipping mezcals, rums, and scotches—really, anything that you hope to savor is best enjoyed from these Crystal Negroni Glasses.

Why we love them: The squat design is both modern and charmingly retro, much like the Negroni itself, and the wide mouth allows you to use an oversized ice cube to signal that you are a master of Negronis and, ultimately, cocktails in general. You’ll be instantly transported to a little side street in Rome for aperitivo with the locals. Make sure to have your linen jacket pressed!

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