Mezcal Tastes Best In These Glasses

Once a spirit known mainly by bartenders and those native to Mexico, mezcal has quickly risen to prominence. It’s terroir-driven, it’s expressive, it’s delightful for mixing and sipping.

Mezcal is traditionally served from a vessel called a copita, which to put it simply is a tiny cup. While we love the classic clay copita, we can’t get enough of these dishwasher-safe Crystal Mezcal Tasting Glasses.

These lead-free crystal Mezcal copita glasses are the best way to drink mezcal.

Styled after the copita, but fashioned from lead-free crystal, they make for an unforgettable silhouette and look great with the rest of your barware. Your hard-to-find Tepeztate mezcal will be even more delightful when enjoyed from these.

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