These Are Our Favorite Glasses For Margaritas

There are few cocktails as beloved as the Margarita. A champion of taco night, dive bars, and even the craft cocktail bar, the Margarita is a classic cocktail in its own category. No matter where you go, the Margarita is a cocktail you can count on.

While true Margarita enthusiasts will universally agree, it’s not a Margarita without fresh lime juice. While bottled juice can work in a pinch, the result is drastically different. Just as the lime juice can make or break the cocktail, proper glassware makes a huge difference.

Rocks glasses and, in a pinch, a highball glass is okay, but there’s nothing like enjoying a Margarita in a classic Margarita glass. It’s the ultimate form of culinary escapism, and one sip of a Margarita from the classic stemmed glass is a one-way ticket to Margaritaville.

Best Crystal Margarita Glasses (Set of 2)

While the Margarita glasses with the cactus stems are incredibly festive, we prefer to keep these Crystal Margarita Glasses in our cabinet for a cocktail experience that exudes luxury. Their modern silhouette and lead-free crystal construction make these a beautiful addition to your bar that are functional, with the elongated stem that prevents your hands from warming up the drink.

While we might not be able to travel south of the border right now, a little escapism never hurt anyone. Dip the rim in salt, shake up your favorite riff of Margarita, and strain into these excellent glasses.

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