Every Whiskey Lover Needs These Manhattan Glasses

Few cocktails have reached the height of cocktail canon to have their own style of glass. We’ve all experienced the Martini glass, the Gin Tonic glass, the Negroni glass, and now it’s the Manhattan’s time to shine.

These glasses were designed specifically with your favorite rye whiskey cocktail in mind (though they’ll also be great for folks who love a great cocktail in general).

Best Manhattan Cocktail Glass

These lead-free, crystal Manhattan Cocktail Glasses were specially designed to bring out the best of your favorite Manhattans. What makes these glasses unique? The heavy base ensures the glass won’t tip over as your contemplating and sitting by a fire. The angled bowl design allows the depth of the flavor to hit your palate precisely right. You’ll be amazed at how much more aroma you get from just one sip out of these glasses, which look like something that Don Draper would have used to enjoy a cocktail or two.

While the set was crafted with Manhattans in mind, these glasses will bring out the beauty of any spirit-forward cocktail, such as a Martini, old-fashioned, or even your in-house specialty that your friends keep begging you to share the recipe.

Whatever you’re drinking, the Manhattan cocktail glasses will keep it flavorful and elegant all night long.