Upgrade Your Home Cocktails With These DIY Liquor Infusion Kits

Mixology has, of course, become everyone’s favorite hobby in the past year. You’ve already mastered the classics and started putting your own personal spin on your libations. Now you’re wondering how to step up your at-home happy hour even more. Enter these DIY Cocktail Infusion kits, which will take your home bartending to a whole new level.

The kits couldn’t be simpler. Just empty the pre-measured ingredients into the jar, fill it up with your favorite spirit, and let the magic happen. In three days you’ll have a delicious new concoction, infused with flavors to enhance any cocktail. The filtering spout keeps your ingredients in place as you pour, so you can serve it on the rocks or mix up a drink directly from the infusion jar.

Each unique kit features a curated blend of all-natural fruits and spices from an organic, sustainable farm. But don’t let the convenience hold back your creativity. You can reuse the infusion vessel and pour spout to create all the custom spirits and flavors that you can dream up.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite combinations right now.

Island Time DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit

Best Island Time Liquor Infusion Kit
If you find yourself longing for white sandy beaches and clear blue skies during these long nights inside, the Island Time kit is the escape you need. It features a blend of sweet pineapple with a warm kick of cayenne pepper and cinnamon that is just waiting for your favorite rum. Mix up a Spiced Daiquiri and live your island fantasy through your home bar cart.

Blue Sunday DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit

Best Blue Sunday Liquor Infusion Kit
The Blue Sunday is the infusion kit that plays well with everything and knows no seasons. The familiar, but exciting combination of blueberries, lavender, and lemon will create a beautiful, full-flavored infusion in any spirit. Impress your guests (and yourself) with this stunning, but oh-so simple Martini upgrade.

Rose Ceremony DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit

Best Rose Ceremony Liquor Infusion Kit
Spring is (slowly) on its way and that means garden parties and brunches are on the horizon. The Rose Ceremony kit is the perfect secret ingredient to add a splash of class to any affair. The combination of rose petals and raspberries will impart lighter spirits with a subtle hint of sweet florals and tart fruit. The infusion will look stunning in the process and the end result will create the elevated Champagne Spritz of your Instagram-dreams.

Navel Gazer DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit

Best Navel Gazer Liquor Infusion Kit
The Navel Gazer is the perfect gift for the whiskey lover who has everything. This cozy blend of oranges, cinnamon, and clove will add robust, wintery flavors to any cocktail. Your bold creation is perfect to sip straight from a rocks glass or use it to dress up a classic Old Fashioned.