These Are The Best IPA Glasses You’ll Ever Use

We’re not going to pretend we haven’t enjoyed a frosty beverage out of that most iconic of American drinkware: the red Solo cup. But you’re grown, your beer taste has progressed far past Natty Light and it’s high time that your glassware follows suit.

Enter Spiegelau, one of the world’s oldest glassmakers. They’ve got over 500 years of experience making the stuff for everyone from European kings and queens to your local watering hole. They teamed up with master brewers Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada to make the ultimate IPA glasses.

Sam and Ken debated and tasted their way through hundreds of potential designs (not a bad gig). Finally by way of a secret vote, they unanimously chose this curvaceous little vixen of a vessel.

Best IPA Beer Glass
This crystal IPA glass was specifically engineered to enhance the flavor and aroma of your favorite IPA.

The rippled base and round bowl of this IPA beer glass help to preserve the frothy head and complex flavor profile of those hop-forward IPAs. The wide opening enhances the aromatic experience. And, let’s be honest, it just looks good.

All in all these glasses make us really, really hoppy.

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