Hands Down, The Best Insulated Wine Tumbler You Can Buy

One look in our kitchen cabinet and you’d immediately notice that we have a lot of wine glasses. While some might classify this as mid-grade hoarding, each one has specific uses. But if we had to throw all of them away (nightmare!), there is one tumbler we would fight to keep.

After testing a lot of drinkware designed to keep wine and cocktails at the correct temperature, this Iceberg Insulated Wine Tumbler consistently keeps our rosé perfectly chilled.

The beauty of this tumbler is in the details. Its double-walled, vacuum-insulated construction keeps cold things cold for hours. So when you pull your Pinot Grigio out of the fridge and pour a glass, it will stay at that fridge temperature as you sit on your porch, daydreaming and sipping along, wishing you were on a beach instead. And if you sometimes like it hot, this tumbler keeps your coffee or hot toddy steamy.

It also has a secure, removable lid, which further insulates your drink. It also saves you from accidental spills, which, if you’re like us who have animated hands while telling stories, happens often.

When we’re all spending more time at home than ever, it’s essential to surround ourselves with things we can use every day and enjoy using, which is why we have one of these Iceberg Tumblers in every color. Because after all, fewer things can spark joy than a glass of cold Chardonnay after a day at the (home) office.

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