Every Beer Lover Needs This Hop Aroma Poster

Take a glance at any craft beer can, and within the fantastic can design, you’ll see the names of hops emblazoned with pride. As craft beer has grown over the years, hops have become more than just an ingredient. These hops have become name brands, and each one has its own special characteristics that make these beers special.

For someone just getting into beer, it can be confusing, though. What is the difference between Chinook or Cascade? How is a beer impacted when it’s made with Citra versus Centennial. What does Galaxy actually mean in the context of beer?

Thankfully, there’s an easy (and aesthetically pleasing) way to become a hop pro.

Best Hop Aroma Poster

This Flavors & Aromas in Craft Beer’s Popular Hops poster is one of the best ways to get familiar with the hops you should know about. It breaks down the most iconic hops across the globe and how they are used in the brewing process.

While strolling in the beer shop, you’ll have a better grasp of which hops bring citrus aromas than others that feature more spicy characteristics.

Plus, the super sleek design is printed on matte, museum-quality poster paper that is just begging to be showcased above your beer fridge.

It makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves searching high and low for limited-edition IPA releases, but we wouldn’t recommend you grabbing one as a gift without snatching one for yourself.