Every Home Bartender Needs A Bitters Bottle

Maybe you’re the kind of at-home bartender who makes your own bitters, steeping a special blend of ingredients like gentian, sarsaparilla, cacao nibs, mugwort, and orange peel in high-proof spirits to put a personalized touch on your signature cocktails.

Or, maybe you’re just the kind of at-home bartender who uses a dash of bitters in every cocktail, buying Angostura practically by the case. You could even just be a person who likes the idea of making professional-grade cocktails at home, but isn’t sure where to start.

Best Bitters Bottle For Bartenders

Regardless, this sleek Professional Bitters Bottle is the next step to completing your bar cart for amateurs, pros, and anyone in-between. It’s professional-grade, with a stainless steel dasher top that’s both eye-catching and functional.

Even if you don’t completely understand why bitters are so great (hint: they balance and impart flavor like nothing else), having such easy access will quickly clue you in to their value and utility. If you’re new to bitters, there’s no need to buy a massive set of them and try everything out, but having Angostura or Peychaud’s around in this beautiful bottle to finish off your drink will elevate your at-home cocktail game beyond belief.

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