The Best Barware For Your Home Office

The right barware sets the tone for your drinking enjoyment, whether that’s in the backyard, around the kitchen table, or in your study. With everything going on, we’re all spending a lot more time in our home offices. You work hard—now it’s time to treat yourself via the best barware for your home office.

Highland Whisky Glasses (Set of 4)

Best Highland Whiskey Glasses
After a long day of working from home, the time inevitably comes to unwind. Enhance that 6pm scotch or Negroni with these unique, timeless tumblers, crafted from lead-free crystal. Each has a unique geometric pattern that’s both modern and Don Draper-esque. They’re sturdy without being heavy, and each has a 12 oz capacity and is dishwasher safe. Exactly what you need at the end of a long day!

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Etched Glass Globe Whisky Decanter and Glasses Set

Best Globe Decanter Set
We all want to see the world, and now you can do that in a very literal way with this Etched Glass Globe Whisky Decanter and Glasses Set. The globe-shaped decanter spins and is detachable, topped with a beautiful cork stopper. The matching glasses, also etched with a map of the globe, are unique yet classic and made with the same sturdy lead-free borosilicate glass. Your whiskey has never looked more elegant!

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Le Creuset Waiters Corkscrew – Wood

Best Waiter's Corkscrew
This professional-grade corkscrew from the craftsmen at Le Creuset is timeless. It’s the only wine opener you need, in fact, thanks to its patented 2-step system which improves your leverage while opening your favorite bottles. Its stainless steel body and stylish wooden handle can easily be slipped into a pocket but looks gorgeous on your bar. The durability and precision of the non-stick coated screw, serrated foil cutter, and bottle opener can’t be beaten.

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Leather Cocktail Shaker

Best Leather Cocktail Shaker
Your end-of-the-day Daiquiri just got an upgrade, thanks to this luxurious, leather-bound stainless steel shaker. Inside the removable top lies a strainer and citrus reamer for your garnishing pleasure. Did you just become a professional bartender? Yes. Yes, you did.

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