6 Hats For People Who Would Rather Be At Happy Hour

No matter what the clocks around you say, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. If you’re the kind of person who would rather be at happy hour, check out these drinks-approved dad hats. While they might not make a drink magically appear in your hand, they’ll help you get the party started, no matter where you are.

¡Tequila! Baseball Hat

Best Tequila Baseball Hat
Hey, it’s tequila o’clock! Keep everyone’s spirits high with this “¡Tequila!” Baseball Hat. It comes in black, beige, pink, light blue, and white (one for every day of the workweek, just sayin’) and is the perfect attire for brunch or a round of Margaritas out with the office. Wearing it says “Hello, I am the life of the party! Now, please pour me some tequila!” We promise that life will be 99% more fun when you’re wearing this hat.

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Shots? Baseball Hat

Best Shots Baseball Hat
Is the evening starting to wane? When you’re wearing this “Shots?” Baseball Hat, it will remind everyone that shots are just the thing to get the party started again. We can’t promise that you’ll be making great decisions when you wear this hat, but we can promise that it’ll kick off some great times.

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Beer o’Clock Baseball Hat

Best Beer O'Clock Baseball Hat
The Beer O’Clock Baseball Hat comes in black, green, beige, pink, light blue, and white. For the VinePair team, beer o’clock is a sacred office tradition where we raid the fridge on Fridays to taste what we’ve collected. For you, beer o’clock can be whenever you wish, especially when you’re wearing one of these stylish yet low-key hats.

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Champagne Cheers Emoji Baseball Hat

Best Champagne Glass Emoji Hat
Is it time for Champagne?

Trick question, it’s always time for Champagne. The Champagne Cheers Emoji Baseball Hat keeps the party (and, hopefully, the Champagne) coming, and in six great colors, you can keep it in heavy rotation in your wardrobe. This is our official Champagne drinking hat!

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Clink Baseball Hat

Best Clink Cheers Hat
The next best thing to having a mimosa in your hand at all times is having a hat on that reminds people to put a mimosa in your hand. With this “Clink” Baseball Hat, you’ll be the life of the party and the team captain of brunch.

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Margs Baseball Hat

Best Margs Baseball Hat
Ready for a Margarita? Of course, you are. Wear this “Margs” Baseball Hat and let the world know. The hat text is a little blurry, a cheeky reminder that the world looks better, albeit a bit fuzzier when you’re getting your margs on.

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