The Proper Glassware for Hard Seltzer

No matter the brand, most hard seltzers are known for their sleek, slim cans — and for good reason. For the last few years, every bubbly, black cherry, or mango serve has come in a similar format and most fans can’t get enough.

Now, as restaurants debate how and when to start serving draft hard seltzer, many hope to pin down a standard format for America’s favorite fruity pour. The glassware that keeps popping up in these conversations is the standard Collins glass, a tall glass often used for highballs.

If you’ve never had a Dark & Stormy (or even a sparkling lemonade) from one of these glasses you’re missing out. The sleek, clear design instantly elevates any drink — especially hard seltzer, so it’s a natural pick for sparkling beverages.

This prime set comes with six, 12-ounce glasses so you can serve your friends in style, or simply have enough glasses to move from iced coffee to kombucha, to a crisp, 5 o’clock White Claw in one day.

Despite their high-end, cocktail bar quality they’re totally dishwasher safe so you never have to worry about throwing them in with the rest of your dishes. Break them out at your next hard seltzer hang, and you’re sure to impress your friends and family.