Why Every Wine Lover Needs To Start A Wine Journal

If the word “journal” evokes memories of crying over a spiral-bound notebook or your mom snooping through your things, listen up. You need a wine journal. Every wine lover should have a wine journal.

Why? Every bottle of wine opened is a memory and a discovery. Even if it’s something you’ve tried a million times before, perhaps it’s showing better today, or the notes of peach happened to pair perfectly with your delivery pad thai. Maybe it’s something you’ve never heard of, gifted by a friend, and it’s blowing your mind. Perhaps it’s something you’ve never tried before and never want to try again.

If you document these moments in a wine journal, you save them for future reference, rather than leaving it up to chance whether or not you’ll remember. With The Expert’s Leather Wine Log, you’re prompted to record crucial details like the name of the wine, the vintage, the producer, the price, the taste, the bouquet, who you were with, the occasion, etc. This way, you can pull up exactly which bottle your sister loved at that barbecue and can buy her a bottle for her birthday.

Best Wine Tasting Journal

Each of these wine logs is handmade to order from top-grain cowhide and can be a centerpiece of your bar or wine rack. It features 96 durable pages, designed to last through even the tipsiest tasting sessions. It also leaves plenty of room for notes, so if you paired anything perfectly or tracked the evolution of the flavor or aroma, you can document those important details as well. There’s even room to paste the labels of your favorite bottles, to create a sort of wine passport or brag book.

If you’re treating yourself to good wine, you deserve to savor those memories for long after the wine is gone. With The Expert’s Leather Wine Log, preserving the moment is easy.

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