5 Halloween Shirts For People Who Love Drinks

We’re finally in prime spook season, and whether you’re a horror fan who’s queuing up a month’s worth of scary movies or just someone who likes an excuse to eat candy, this year’s Halloween is going to be the best. Why? Because we found the best Halloween shirts for people who love drinks. They can serve as a Halloween costume, October attire, or a year-round wardrobe if you’re really committed to that Halloween life. Each is soft and comfy, like that quintessentially old t-shirt, ranging from size XS to 4XL.

Boozin’ T-Shirt

Best Boozin Halloween T-Shirt
There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there’s plenty of ‘boo’ in booze! If you’re heading out for some spooky fun, make sure to sport the Boozin’ T-Shirt, made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. It’s low-key and cool, just like you! The perfect pairing for a pumpkin ale or a Halloween-themed quarantini.

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Witches Be Sippin’ T-Shirt

Best Witches Be Sipping Wine Halloween T-Shirt
Lookin’ to get a little witchy? The Witches Be Sippin’ T-Shirt will get things started on the right note. Grab your broom, grab your brew, and head out to the party. This sassy design is perfect for the Halloween season, of course, but it’s such a great shirt that we may just wear it all year long.

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Hoppy Halloween T-Shirt

Best Hoppy Halloween Beer Halloween T-Shirt
Are you the IPA lover of the group? Then you need this Hoppy Halloween Shirt. The spooky little hop illustration on the front is the perfect little buddy to accompany you on all the Halloween mischief you’re looking to rustle up. Bust some ghosts, hang with some demons, and enjoy some dank IPAs when you’re wearing this great tee.

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Wicked Juice T-Shirt

Best Wicked Juice Halloween T-Shirt
Something wicked this way comes, and you are that thing! At least, that is, when you’re wearing the Wicked Juice T-Shirt.

This shirt is an ode to all things wicked, including to the European tradition of drinking “wicked juice” or federweisser. While waiting for next year’s harvest, wine lovers would traditionally sample this year’s fermenting juice as a sort of proto-wine spritzer. And, like any good wine spritzer, it’s a little sweet, a little boozy, and extremely crushable. Its hangover potential led it to be called “wicked juice.” Celebrate delicious wickedness in all its forms by sporting this witchy shirt at Halloween time and throughout the year. It doesn’t come with a glass of something wicked, but we trust that you’re ready to improvise with something equally delicious!

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PSL – Pumpkin Spice Lager T-Shirt

Best Pumpkin Beer Halloween T-Shirt
Looking for a good PSL? Yes, that’s right, a Pumpkin Spice Lager. Those who love fall, in all its glory, will love this PSL – Pumpkin Spice Lager Shirt. It’s soft, light, and easy to layer—throw a flannel button-down over it or a sleek leather jacket, then jump in some colorful leaves to get that perfect, autumnal Instagram shot.

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