Get 25% off These Bestselling Gin & Tonic Glasses Today Only

We love a good gin and tonic. In the US, it’s a classic well drink, taking us back to both dive bars and upscale spots where bartenders call themselves mixologists.

Outside the US, it’s an art form, deserving of excellent gin, the right tonic, and a colorful array of garnishes. It’s a drink that’s complex, aromatic, and refreshing. It goes beautifully with everything from a burger to a frittata.

If you love a good gin and tonic as much as we do, you deserve to treat yourself to a proper G&T glass. Though we sometimes forget it, this is a supremely aromatic drink and when you use a highball or a collins glass (or even a rocks glass), you lose some of those gorgeous aromas and heat up the drink with your hands. After drinking many a gin and tonic in various kinds of glasses (for science!), we’ve found the best G&T glasses and all of them are 25% off today with the code XTRALEMON. Each has a wide bowl and a stem, meaning your G&T will be at its best.

Faceted Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses

We love that these Faceted Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses have a wide bowl and a faceted, geometric shape that pushes that bouquet of aromas straight to the forefront. There’s also plenty of room for ice and garnishes, meaning your drink will look as great as it tastes. Gorgeous, functional, and will vastly improve your drinking experience. This set of two is a winner.

Spiegelau Gin & Tonic Glasses

The Spiegelau Gin & Tonic Glasses are designed to impress. These lead-free crystal beauties will look gorgeous on your bar in between uses and will give an air of refinement to all of your G&T drinking. This set includes four glasses and they’re dishwasher safe.

Schott Zwiesel Gin & Tonic Glasses

Best Sturdy Gin and Tonic Glasses
The Schott Zwiesel Gin & Tonic Glasses come in a set of six and are perfect for those of us who, uh, get a little more expressive when we drink. In other words, these are extremely sturdy. They’re also dishwasher-safe and feature an oversized titanium crystal stem. They also make a mean sangria goblet!