The Five Best Gifts For Home Mixologists

We love cocktail bars. While there are situations when a $17 cocktail is a transcending experience, we also really like making a delightful Manhattan from the comfort of our own homes (aka on the couch watching Netflix in our pajamas). A great cocktail though starts with great tools, which surprisingly many cocktail lovers don’t have at the ready in their homes. Here’s five essential gifts for the at home mixologist to help them build the perfect home bar.

Penguin Shaker – $30 (originally $36)

For the novice mixologist, a simple shaker is the first key to success. We love this penguin shaker for it’s built-in strainer and Mid-Century Modern styling.
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Mid-Century Modern Martini Glasses (set of 4) – $65 (originally $74)

There’s something about when a cocktail is served martini glass that just makes you feel like you’re drinking liquid money. These Mid-Century Modern Martini Glasses are no exception, and are the perfect vessel for all of your martinis, Manhattans, and Cosmopolitans.
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Sparkling Diamond Highball Glasses (set of 4) – $68 (originally $77)

Highballs are one of the most popular cocktails in the world, so you soon realize that you’ll be reaching for this set of glassware the most. This set of Sparkling Diamond Highball Glasses is not only visually compelling, but are dishwasher safe and feel extremely expensive with their sturdy weight.
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Cocktail Picks (set of 6) – $15

If you’re looking to take your seemingly $6 at-home cocktail and transform it into a Instagram-worthy $16 cocktail, you’ll definitely want this set of cocktail picks for garnishing.
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Cocktail Towels (set of 3) – $27

Never be without the recipes that matter again. These cocktail towels are the perfect addition to your home bar or any other location in where you want to show off your love for classic cocktails.
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