Our 21 Favorite Gifts For Your Friends Who Love Wine, Beer, and Cocktails

What gift do you give the drinks lover who has everything? At first glance, the easy answer is a six pack of a new special release beer, or maybe a bottle of their favorite wine or scotch.

But when that drinks lover already a bar cart full of whiskeys or a cellar full of collectable wines, gifting can get tricky. As the drinks experts, we’ve found that the most memorable gifts are the ones that amplify the everyday experiences the person already has. Here are our recommendations for whiskey, wine, beer, and cocktail lovers.

For The Wine Lover

Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 4) -$45

Spiegelau Universal Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

It’s nice to match your glasses to whichever wine you happen to be drinking, but do you know what’s even nicer? Having a timeless, crystal, dishwasher-safe set of glasses that will beautifully showcase every wine.

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Bring Me Wine Socks – $14 (originally $16)

Bring Me Wine Socks
Meet the perfect stocking stuffer for your gifting needs. These socks are cozy, cheeky, and practical. Good for a laugh, and for an occasional glass of wine being brought to you without you having to ask (because the socks asked for you).
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The Experts Wine Log – $39.75 (originally $53)

The Expert's Wine Tasting Journal
This wine journal, has beautiful raw construction, a handcrafted leather cover, and fields to document all the important information, including the label. The perfect gift for those hoping to do a deeper dive into wine, and possibly start a wine career.
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Italesse Red Wine Glasses (Set of 6) – $81 (originally $92)

Italesse Red Wine Glasses (Set of 6)
We discovered these wine glasses on a trip to Italy and have never been the same since. These are a must have for the red wine drinker that prefers a dramatic, elegant look for their stemware. Great for the finest Barolos and even the casual, weeknight Chianti.
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The Somm Watch – $120

Analog Somm Series Wine Watch
Wine is all about craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and a bit of show-off-able beauty. So are these sleek, wine-inspired watches – the bands are made from cork and stained with wine. A gorgeous and unexpected gift for anyone who loves wine, or who just likes looking like they appreciate the finer things.
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The Vinocchio Decanter – $119 (originally $125)

Italesse Wine Decanter
One of the prettiest decanters you’ll ever pour out of, the Vinocchio decanter is a mouth-blown masterpiece by Italian designer Frederico Venier. A must have gift for the friend that always hosts wine club.
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For the Beer Lover

Universal Crystal Tulip Beer Glasses – $39 (originally $47)
Spiegelau Tulip Beer Glasses (Set of 4)

This set of Universal Tulip Beer Glasses was designed by a panel of master brewers to enhance the flavor and aroma of whichever beer you pour into it. It’s perfect for anyone who loves beer, whether they’re a Cicerone or couldn’t tell you what hops are. Bonus—it’s dishwasher safe!

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The Expert’s Beer Log – $49 (originally $58)
The Expert's Beer Log

Our Senior Staff Writer and Chief Beer Enjoyer Cat Wolinski has tried many a beer log in her day, and this Expert’s Beer Log is her favorite. With its handmade leather cover, and attention to technical details like a beer’s production date and how it was served, it will soon become your favorite as well!

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The Gentleman’s Leather Koozie – $35 (originally $39)
The Gentleman's Leather Koozie

If you’re the type of person who has conversations about hop varietals, but is drinking beer from free koozies you got in college, it may be time for an upgrade. This Gentleman’s Leather Koozie is made of top-grain cowhide and evolves beautifully with age. Any of the three gorgeous colors will keep your brew of choice cold while saying “I like well-made beer and use well-made accessories to enjoy it.”

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Magnetic Drop Catch Bottle Opener – $41 (originally $46)
Dropcatch Beer Bottle Opener

With the Drop Catch Bottle Opener, simply mount it to the wall or stick it to the fridge, and every time you open a bottle of brew, the powerful magnet inside the wood grabs hold of the cap and catches it before it can fall to the ground, causing it to stick to the opener.

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Bring Me Beer Socks – $14 (originally $16)
Bring Me Beer Socks

These comfy Bring Me Beer Socks are a beer-lover’s dream. They’ll keep your feet warm while you’re enjoying a sip of something special, and gently remind anyone around you to come refill your glass. Funny, cozy, AND practical.

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For the Cocktail Lovers

Penguin Shaker – $30 (originally $36)

For the novice mixologist, a simple shaker is the first key to success. We love this penguin shaker for it’s built-in strainer and Mid-Century Modern styling.
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Mid-Century Modern Martini Glasses (set of 4) – $65 (originally $74)

There’s something about when a cocktail is served martini glass that just makes you feel like you’re drinking liquid money. These Mid-Century Modern Martini Glasses are no exception, and are the perfect vessel for all of your martinis, Manhattans, and Cosmopolitans.
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Sparkling Diamond Highball Glasses (set of 4) – $68 (originally $77)

Highballs are one of the most popular cocktails in the world, so you soon realize that you’ll be reaching for this set of glassware the most. This set of Sparkling Diamond Highball Glasses is not only visually compelling, but are dishwasher safe and feel extremely expensive with their sturdy weight.
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Cocktail Picks (set of 6) – $15

If you’re looking to take your seemingly $6 at-home cocktail and transform it into a Instagram-worthy $16 cocktail, you’ll definitely want this set of cocktail picks for garnishing.
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Cocktail Towels (set of 3) – $27

Never be without the recipes that matter again. These cocktail towels are the perfect addition to your home bar or any other location in where you want to show off your love for classic cocktails.
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For the Whiskey Lovers

The Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses – $50 (originally $60)

Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses
If they’re a history buff, just stop what you’re doing and add these to your cart now. These double rocks glasses each represent an iconic figure from America’s Revolutionary period. Hero = George Washington, Rebel = Thomas Jefferson, Philosopher = Benjamin Franklin, Diplomat = John Adams. Bonus: they were manufactured and sand-etched in the US of A and made in partnership with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
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The Speakeasy Decanter – $80 ($90 originally)

Whiskey decanters are a great way to serve your favorite spirit for an after-dinner dram. This Speakeasy Decanter’s art deco inspired etching and pristine glass clarity will make your favorite bourbon or scotch glisten.
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Crystal Scotch Glasses (Set of 2) – $21.75  ($29 originally)

Best scotch tasting glasses
Every scotch drinker needs these crystal scotch glasses. Designed to amplify the complex aromas in your favorite scotch—the angled sides and curved bottom gently lift those volatile aromatics straight to your sniffer. These glasses are also great for appreciating a well-crafted aged tequila.
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The Liquid Body Flask – $63.90 ($71 originally)

Liquid Body Flask (black, white, and chrome)
Sometimes, a whiskey lover needs their favorite dram to-go, that’s why a good flask is a must have for any aficionado. The minimal design of this liquid body flask may seem plain at first glance, but each one is slightly different, thanks to a process called hydroforming (think steel + welding + water pressure).
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Drink Rocks Geometric Shapes (set of 4) – $35 ($41 originally)

We love whiskey rocks for their ability to cool your drink without watering it down, but we’re obsessed with these geometric rocks for their unique shapes. Made with soapstone and marble, these rocks are finished by hand and easily fit into a standard rocks glass.
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