This Geometric Inspired Wine Decanter Will Make Your Table Glisten

We love diamonds (and all jewels really), but we’d be lying if our eyes didn’t light up when pulling out a cult bottle of Napa Cabernet or that vintage Bordeaux we’ve been saving for a rainy day. And with this geometric crystal wine decanter, now your favorite wines can gloriously shine on your table.

The specially crafted angles of this lead-free crystal decanter cause light to pass through your vino at multiple angles, causing the beams to refract onto your table creating a ruby-colored light show, especially with medium-bodied red wines and even fuller-bodied white wines.

Geometric Crystal Wine Decanter

This decanter eliminates the need for an overdone floral centerpiece at your table, creating an elegant and practical centerpiece for your next dinner party or casual gathering among friends. It’s a modern classic ready for its time to shine (just like you).

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