Quench Your Thirst In Style With Our Favorite Water Bottles

Did you know that the average person doesn’t drink nearly enough water? You probably own great glassware for all of your cocktails, stunning wine glasses, and a beer glass selection that could rival a brewery. We bet you even have a collection of whimsical coffee mugs. But your water bottle bores you.

Hydration is so important that we think it needs an upgrade. Ditch the old reusable water bottle that you always forget to use and definitely give up the single-use plastic bottles that you feel more than a little guilty for still buying.

These two water bottles are the fun, eco-friendly options that will inspire you to up your water intake and can also be used for much more.

Droplet Glass Travel Bottle

Make this Droplet Glass Travel Bottle your constant companion and use it for everything from water to wine (we don’t judge). The modern design is both stylish and practical, featuring an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to hold. The glass construction is a big step up from your old plastic water bottle. It is covered with a silicone sleeve to up the durability and adds a fun pop of color. Whether at home or on the go, you’ll never want to be far from this travel bottle.

Chilled Infusion Carafe

We all know hydration is important, but sometimes we want our water to be a bit more exciting. This Chilled Infusion Carafe can not only liven up your water, but it can also enhance tea and even Sangria with fresh fruit, citrus, or herbs. The chill rod keeps your concoction cold for hours, and the removable cap’s internal strainer filters while you pour so you can sip with ease. Let this high-quality, eco-friendly carafe spark your creativity and start customizing all of your drinks by infusing them with endless flavor combinations.