Every Wine Lover Needs This Fast Wine Decanter

There are many decanters out on the market, and it can be very intimidating when trying to find the right one. With so many features, and with so many of them having $250+ price tags, it’s hard to understand what you need.

That’s why when we started to build out our glassware collection, we wanted to make sure we brought in utilitarian pieces. A beautiful decanter is nice, but a quick, sturdy, and stunning decanter you can use regularly is better.

This Wine Breather Decanter is beautiful, functional, and most importantly, it’s the fastest decanter we’ve ever used.

Best Wine Breather Decanter

This magic decanter combines an aerator’s design and a classic carafe in one, evaporating young, brash wines’ acidity and bitterness. This marriage fully allows the flavors and aromas to develop instantly. How does it work? The Wine Breather Decanter invites in the oxygen needed to open up a wine properly while the decanter then gently cradles your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux throughout the evening. Plus, you don’t have to be a certified sommelier to know how to use it.

If you love wine, you need this decanter in your life. This lead-free crystal beauty will look fantastic on your table and keep your wines in top shape, meaning you can pay more attention to which delicious bottle of vino you want to open instead.