Everyone Who Loves Extra-Cold Martinis Needs This Glass

Making a Martini can be a complicated process because everyone has a different preference. Gin or vodka? Lemon twist or olive? 50/50 or bone-dry? Dash of bitters or a splash of olive brine? We think you get the point.

But no matter how you might take your Martini, we can all agree that it should always be ice-cold. There’s nothing worse than taking another sip of your cocktail, only to find it’s room temperature and pretty aggressive (it is just warm booze, after all). A sidecar carafe perched in a bowl of ice could save you from this, but we prefer a more efficient method of keeping things frosty.

These Cooler Than Cool Martini Glasses are our secret weapon for an ice-cold Martini every time. These double-walled cups are filled with a proprietary gel that, when frozen, keeps your cocktails at optimal drinking temperature for hours. Plus, their BPA-free plastic construction means they’re great for bringing anywhere broken glass could be problematic, and the silicone band makes them comfortable to hold, so you don’t have to worry about freezing your hands off.

Best Cold Martini Glass

Simply put them in your freezer at lunchtime, and by the time you’ve wrapped up your last Zoom call, you’ll be set for an extra chilly Martini. They were designed with convenience in mind, so you can store them in your freezer without worrying about them breaking over time due to temperature-induced expansion and contraction.

And with the weather cooling down, they’re also great for a cozy Manhattan. Honestly, any cocktail you prefer cold could benefit from these Martini glasses.

These glasses make an excellent gift for anyone who is very particular about their Martini. In fact, you’ll definitely want to get a set for yourself while you can, because the last time these glasses were available, they didn’t stay in stock for long.

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