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Not only does this save you more than $150 in shipping costs, but it also ensures that those special bottles of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon or vintage Champagne will be safe until you’re ready to drink them. If you’re a fan of old wine, you owe it to yourself to invest in a reliable fridge that will keep those excellent bottles in excellent condition.

Buying these today will also save you a lot of stress. Believe us, we’ve tried other options, and they don’t work as well.

At first, we tried (like many do) just stashing bottles in our regular fridge. We’d heard that temperatures fluctuate and that a regular refrigerator was designed to keep out humidity whereas a wine fridge maintains humidity (important for proper aging), but we thought we’d make do for a little while. We quickly ran out of space for actual food, so we moved to a cheap entry-level model wine cooler.

And then that broke, after its short lifetime of not working all that well, to begin with. It turns out, most of the wine fridges out there don’t use refrigerants, meaning the fan is the only thing keeping that little box cool. So, the fan burns out quickly, and then you’re left alone yet again.

Best Expert Approved Wine Fridges

Short of digging yourself a massive cellar, these fridges are the best option for ensuring that your hard-won bottles are safe and sound until you are ready. The models in this lineup can hold up to 30, 46, and 90 standard 750mL Bordeaux bottles of wine, each of which come with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor and 5 years on the compressor (with extended warranty options available). The 30-bottle model comes in sleek stainless steel, and the 46 and 90 options have a frameless black option as well as the standard stainless steel.

Each features rolling metal plate shelves with full extension for easy access to your library, and each features dual zones. The upper zone, designed for slightly colder temperatures to store and serve your white and sparkling wines, can be set from 41-54F. The lower zone is designed to store and serve red wines and can be set from 46-66F. They utilize the most advanced, energy-efficient R600a refrigerant and are UL, ETL, CEC, and DOE energy compliant. They can be free-standing or installed into cabinetry.

If you’re springing for top-notch bottles, you deserve a top-notch fridge. Use the code FRIGID for free shipping on any of these models by November 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET!